Turnkey is a complete gambling solution for licensed gambling operators. Atlas team provides you with full suite of market leading products for gamling: Sportsbook, Casino, Virtual Sports, Live Casino, Betting on lotteries, TV games. All you need is to define the colours, name and branding you want, Atlas team will provide you the rest. The soluiton includesFully customizable sportsbook and casinoSuite of 80+ payment methods (+any other available on demand)20+ languages (all additional available on demand)Fully automated and fully customizable Risk management solution and Antifraud engineAtlas CRM and Marketing tools suite (Affiliate software, Bonus engine, Loyalty program)Self-exclusion and anti-money-laundering features setAvailable for all channels of distribution: Web, Retail, Terminals, Ios and Android Apps, Desktop application

Atlas API

Atlas API is a service for existing gambling operators, who have their own platform, but want to add products for more effective operation of their business with one smooth integration. Whether you want a market leading Sportsbook, Casino, Live Casino, Virtual sports, TV games, Betting on Lotteries, we have it. One integration covers it all, and only you are the one who decide, what products from a vast range you want and how they should look like and perform (each product comes with robust backoffice with deep customization module and CMS).One seamless API integrationFull customization of each product for your market and specific needsFrontend builder allows you to select the look and feel you desireFull suite of Atlas products and services available (CRM, Risk Management, Marketing software suite, Antifraud)


Atlas CRM is a fully automated marketing tool, that allows you to successfully manage all your marketing and communications with the clients. Ruleflow - based core allows you to create specific personalized communictaion with each specific customer, identify and trigger your customer groups, provides powerful tools for in-depth marketing analytics to boost the numbers of each specific campaign, promotion or bonus, predict their performance and modify them real-time.Real-time data coolection and realtine triggered activitiesBonus constructor with 150+ different triggers to provide you with unique bonuses you needA powerful customer segmentation tool with 200+ triggers for customers identification and categorizationMessaging hub for email-, sms-, viber-, push-, telegram- internal messages and social networks communicationUnique content-creating tools to create the dedicated templates of all types of messagesFully integrated and compatible with Atlas platform and all set of products and services

Risk management tools

A set of tools for fully automated management and customization of your customers database, that allows you in real time to identify and limit all types of fraud customers and also identify and increase the limits for your highroller and VIP accounts. The solution is fully customizable, so as an Operator you can create your own policies and rules of Risk management, setup and manage risk management categories and their criterias. Rouleflow powered engine allows to create multi-level algorithms of activities for cusotomers based on their behavior.Key faturesIn depth customers anlytics200+ triggers based constructor for creation and management of customers groupsRuleflow based algorithms risk management engineFraud scoring and Trigger based models of poperation - as an Operator, you decide the rules you want to follow (default ones always available)24/7 dedicated support and training

Antifraud solution

Antifraud solution is a tool to identify the potential fraudulent cutomers BEFORE they make anydamage on your site. Using specific dedicated algorthm it allows to identify the player potential activities based on their hardware, software, personal details and website usage in realtime mode,this way limiting the potential fraud customers before and increasing the limits and providing benefits to potential VIP and highroller customers.Key featuresIn depth analysis of customers:devices`navigation and website usepayment methodsgeopersonal detailspayment methods and wallersAutomated fully customizable set of rules for each category of customersAdvanced BI and analytics for each category, rule and trigger for optimization and monitoring ofsystem performance24/7 dedicated support and training

Retail solution

Atlas retail solution is a suite of software for a successfull 24/7 operation of your retail gambling network. The key for each retail solution is flexibility, in both back-end and frontend functionality, to give you all the options your competitors have and improve it with own unique advantages and specifics for your markets. Whether it`s teminals (RFID or scan-and-print mode, 1 or 2 monitors) or physical cashier mode, 1,2,4- or more live odds monitors display, vertical or horizontal layout with unique set and order of columns and display preferences, unique printed offers and pre-order settings, we have it. Retail management software (setup and management of your Head Office, Branches, Betting SHops, Terminals, Administrative stuff, Managers and Cashiers)Full suite of cashier software (cashier software for bet acceptance and deposits, live odds monitors, ticket info scan-and-bet functionality, printed offer management software)Self-service betting terminalsFully customizable sportsbook settings for each branch, betting shop, cashierFully customizable frontend layouts to improve your customer experience for each market of operationAvailable on 20+ languages (others added on demand)In-depth BI functionality for each branch, betting shop, cashier

Atlas Academy

It is extremely important to have the professional Operations team for your brand. We are proud to have strong professionals for each branch of business (Sportsbook, Casino, Marketing, Risk management, Antifraud, Customer Support, Retail network management) with 10+ years experience in leading international brands of industry. We can arrange management and growth of your brand and train your dedicated specialiststo create and run a successfull business in your jurisdiction..We provideMarketing- and product-analysis for your dedicated market and competitionSet of settings and preferences and full setup for your business:* sportsbook settings (live and prematch for each sport, league and market)