Our Turnkey solution is a complete platform for new and experienced gaming operators. The Atlas team provides you with a full suite of market-leading products for gambling, including: Sportsbook, Casino, Virtual Sports, Live Casino, Lottery betting and TV Games.

All you need is to decide on the colours, name and branding, the Atlas Team will do the rest.

Key features

  • Fully customisable Sportsbook and Casino
  • Suite of 80+ payment methods
  • 20+ languages
  • Fully automated and customisable Risk Management Solution and Antifraud Engine
  • CRM and Marketing Tools Suite (Affiliate, Bonus Engine, Loyalty System and many more)
  • Self-exclusion and customer protection feature set.
  • All distribution channels including: web, retail, terminals, iOs and Android apps, Desktop application

Atlas-IAC Seamless API

Atlas-IAC Seamless API is a service for existing gambling operators who need to bolster their product range to increase business performance. Whether you need a Sportsbook, Casino, Live Casino, Virtual sports or any other product, with one smooth integration we can provide any product into your existing platform.
One integration covers everything, and all you need to do is decide how it looks like on your platform. Each product comes with a multifunctional back office, with an intuitive customisation module and CMS. One seamless API integration gives your company the immense opportunities of the Atlas-IAC platform.


Atlas-IAC CRM is a fully automated marketing solution that allows you to manage all of your marketing and communication activities with your customers from one place. Rule based flow helps create specific personalised communication with each client, identify and trigger client group communication, boost the numbers of a campaign through powerful tools for in-depth marketing analysis, predict a campaign’s performance, and modify a campaign on the fly.

Key features

  • Real-time data collection and real-time triggered activities
  • Unique content-creating tool for template management across any communication channel
  • Bonus constructor with over 150 different triggers to create varied bonuses
  • Client segmentation tool with 200+ triggers for client identification and grouping
  • Messaging hub for email, SMS, Viber, push, Telegram, Internal messengers and Social networks

Risk Management Tools

A set of tools for fully automated identification and restriction of frauders, and encouragement of your VIP customers. You will no longer need to employ a huge team of risk-analysts to hunt the bad customers.

As an operator, all you need to do is create your own policies and rules, setup and manage categories and criteria in the constructor. The rule-flow powered engine analyses the client’s activities, and categorises them for you.

Key features

  • In-depth analytics. The constructor has over 200 triggers to manage client groups.
  • Two operation models to choose from: fraud-scoring and trigger-based scoring
  • Default settings always available
  • 24/7 dedicated support and training

Antifraud Solution

The antifraud solution is a tool which identifies and potentially fraudulent customers, before they damage your bottom line. A dedicated algorithm works behind the scenes to predict a player’s future actions based on their hardware, software and behavioural patterns.

Key features:

Key features

  • In-depth analysis of client IP addresses, payment methods, etc
  • Automated and fully customisable set of rules for each client category
  • Advanced BI and analytics for each category
  • Customisation of rules and triggers to manage your risk thresholds
  • 24/7 dedicated support and training

Retail solution

Atlas-IAC Retail Solution is a suite of tools for a successful 24/7 retail network. The key to success is the flexibility in both the front-end and back-end functionality. We give you all of the main features, and let you improve it with your unique ideas and needs.

Key features

  • Terminals (RFID or scan and print mode, 1 or 2 monitors), or cashier mode
  • Fully customizable frontend layouts, configurable display gantry settings (monitors, columns etc)
  • Pre-ordered settings
  • Retail Management Software (setup and management of your head office, branches, betting shops, terminals, Staff and cashiers)
  • Cashier software (bet acceptance and deposits, live odds monitors, ticket info, scan-and -bet functionality, printed offer management software
  • Self service betting terminals
  • 20+ languages (others added on demand)
  • In-depth BI functionality for each level of your retail business

Atlas-IAC Academy

We know how important it is to find the right person for your team. Atlas-IAC is proud to have leading specialists in each area of its core business (Sportsbook, Casino, MArketing, Risk management, Antifraud, Customer support, Retail MAnagement). Our team has experience in some of the biggest international brands in the industry, and we are more than happy to share our knowledge.

The Atlas-IAC team can take on the management of your brand in any area, or provide training to your specialists.

We provide training in the following areas:

We provide training on the following directions

  • Marketing and product analysis
  • Risk management
  • Retail management